CPUC Response to IOU Requests

Following the delay in CAEATFA becoming the California Hub for EE Financing, on Feb. 4 the CPUC’s Executive Director, Paul Clanon, in response to SoCalGas’s Petition for Modification, agreed to “the request to toll the regulatory requirements and estimated scheduling set out in D.13-09-044 until the Commission makes the determination ‘which entity can best provide the CHEEF functions’ and establishes revised requirements and scheduling.”  Additionally, Mr. Clanon granted the request to “suspend the requirements of Ordering Paragraph 21 to file quarterly reports as described in Decision (D.) 13-09-044.”

A copy of Mr. Clanon’s letter may be found here: CPUC A 12-07-001 02-04-14.

(This post has been slightly updated for clarification.)

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