On-Bill Repayment Tariffs Filed by IOUs

The California IOUs have submitted Advice Letters for approval by the CPUC to implement their On-Bill Repayment Tariffs, as directed by D.13-09-044, and articulated therein:

“Transferability of the underlying debt obligation to subsequent occupants (‘with the customer’s meter’), upon change of building ownership and/or tenancy, is both central to the appeal of OBR and a key implementation challenge…the Commission finds that [establishing and communicating a clear and enforceable obligation] can be achieved through the use of written agreements and a tariff process…”

The OBR Tariffs for each IOU can be found as follows:

(The utilities have also submitted for CPUC approval their Program Implementation Plans for several pilots, as described in a separate posting.  Additionally, FYI, the IOUs made presentations on the OBR tariffs to the Real Estate industry and to Financial Institutions.  Presentation for RE industryPresentation for FI industry

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