Multifamily presentation for Public Workshop

Multifamily presentation for Public Workshop

Multifamily presentation for Energy Efficiency Finance Pilots Public Workshop, October 2, 2012, CPUC Auditorium.


Multifamily Pilot Proposal (10-1-12)

MultiFamily Family Pilot Proposal 10-1-12

This document provides recommendations for a Multifamily EE Finance Pilot program for the 2013-2014 program cycle.  It is being issued for discussion at the October 2 Energy Efficiency Finance Pilots Public Workshop at the CPUC Auditorium.

Please submit all comments by October 10, 2012 to Frank Spasaro, Southern California Gas Company,


Multifamily Webinar Presentation

Multifamily Webinar Presentation 9-14-12

Multifamily Design Discussion Draft

MultiFamily Design 9-14-12 Discussion Draft

This draft proposal describes recommendations for a multifamily financing pilot program. Due to the complexity of the multifamily housing sector, we recommend both of two financing pilots:  an OBR pilot specifically for master-metered affordable multifamily properties, and,  statewide credit enhancement for the multifamily sector.  These recommendations are designed to get projects financed much more quickly, streamline IOU processes for supporting efficiency services in this sector, provide a statewide multifamily financing option, utilize the master-metered affordable housing market to pilot OBR, and lay the groundwork for scaling these powerful tools to all property ownership types once legal impediments are resolved.

The Project Team is seeking questions, comments and recommendations from stakeholders on this Discussion Draft.  Please provide your input by Friday, Sept. 21.  Thank you.

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