Utility Bill Payment History posted

The California IOUs have provided a historical monthly breakdown of utility bill payment history segregated by minimum customer classes of residential/ commercial, and industrial, for a period of at least seven year and 10 years if available, from Dec. 31, 2012, per the CPUC’s direction (ordering paragraph 12 of the final EE finance decision).  The  information is available at:

(Additional information at the CPUC finance page site)

Data Working Group Final Report available

The Final Report of the Data Working Group was submitted today by Advice Letter by SoCalGas on behalf of the California IOUs.

Advice Letter 4579 may be found at:  AL 4579, et al.

Additional information on the Data Working Group and its Report may be found in this earlier post.



Data Working Group Draft Final Report available

The Draft final report of the Data Working Group (DWG) is available for review.

The DWG Report proposes a set of data elements that should be collected for each residential and non-residential project, including borrower, property, project, and financing information at the time of the installation.  The data set also includes post-installation information on the performance of both the financing and the project.  These data elements were selected based on an assessment of various data “users” (financial institutions, policy makers, vendors, program administrators, etc.) and their “uses” for the data (what questions would the users want the data to answer).  The Report also sets out the sources of the data and a methodology for collecting, managing and providing access to the data, and addresses privacy issues and the use of data anonymization and aggregation.

The Public Workshop on Data for EE Financing will provide an opportunity for stakeholders and the public to discuss and comment on this draft final Report (see previous post, Public Workshop on Data for EE Financing: Nov. 13).

Public Workshop on Data for EE Financing: Nov. 13


As authorized by the EE Financing Final Decision (available here), the IOUs will hold a Public Workshop, in consultation with the CPUC Energy Division, the California EE Finance Consulting Team, CAEATFA and others.  The Workshop will consider finalization of the Draft Report prepared by the Energy Efficiency Finance Data Working Group (DWG), which addresses relevant data elements for each pilot, sources, location, anonymization, management, and access.

The Workshop is public and open to all interested stakeholders and parties; it will be held 10 am – 2:15 pm, Wednesday, Nov. 13 in the Courtyard Room of the CPUC in San Francisco.  Before the Workshop an agenda and the draft Data Working Group report, as well as call-in information, will be circulated to the proceeding’s service list and posted on this site.

We hope you can join us in person or by phone/online on the 13th.

** Conference call: 866-621-8358 code 6224559 **



CPUC-hosted webinar on initial EM&V research plan and budgets for EE finance – Thurs. 11/1/12

Message from Tim Drew of the CPUC Energy Division follows (here is a link to their “Long Term Research Roadmap for Financing Program-Draft-10-Oct_18_2012“)

 The CPUC Energy Division is hosting a webinar to discuss the initial program evaluation, measurement and verification research plan and budgets for the 2013-2014 energy efficiency financing pilot programs.  This plan was jointly developed by staff from the CPUC’s Energy Division, Pacific Gas and Electric, Southern California Edison, San Diego Gas and Electric, and Southern California Gas.

The purpose of the webinar is to give interested parties an opportunity to discuss the proposed projects with the plan authors and identify additional areas where research on the energy efficiency financing pilot programs could be valuable.

Attached you will find the draft research plan.  This plan is very preliminary and high level at this point and will be subject to further review and revision before it is final.  We recommend that you first review the attached plan in order to determine if the webinar is appropriately suited to your level of interest.  Since many of the projects discussed in this webinar will ultimately be competitively bid by the CPUC, we recommend that individuals and firms expecting to bid on research projects not provide comments on the plans and budgets in order to avoid the risk of a conflict of interest.

We will send out an agenda and powerpoint presentation prior to the meeting.

The webinar will be held 10 AM to 12 PM on November 1st

Please register for the webinar below prior to Nov 1 if possible


The call-in number for the webinar is 1-866-812-8481, passcode 9058288

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Regards – Tim

Tim Drew

DSM Evaluation