About Mark Zimring

Mark Zimring, Senior Consultant to HB&C, has been working in the energy and finance industry for over a decade. After nearly a decade with Deutsche Bank in New York City, he has spent the past two and a half years at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) providing technical assistance to states, local govern¬ments and utility commissions on clean energy program design and implementa¬tion issues including financing best practices. His proposed work on this project is to be conducted separately from any affiliation with LBNL. In 2011, he provided direct support to over 50 cities, counties, states and utility commissions. Comple¬menting his broad engagement across the nation is his deep familiarity with California’s existing network of energy efficiency programs and key gaps in their capacity to deliver efficiency services to the market segments targeted in the CPUC decision. His financing and program design expertise covers the full range of financial products (e.g. on-bill financing/repayment, PACE, unsecured and secured loan products), target markets and financial institution partners.

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